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Can PR save the Vancouver Olympics from embarrassment?

The Vancouver Olympics committee needs another $30 million. Can any PR help them now? What do you think? I really want to know.


Social Media Etiquette

Modern Manners

Last week I was blogging about good etiquette when engaging in the online community. Seems that’s an area lots of people have questions about. For a great little video (it’s worth watching, so go ahead!), follow this link to the Social Net Daily blog:

I still contend that if you wouldn’t say it publicly to someone’s face, you sure don’t want to say it on social media. Thomas Farley gives some good common sense advice, including a few we wouldn’t think of in the offline world.

Grooveshark for Facebook

Trying Grooveshark on FB pages. Jury is still out a it’s a bit complicated.

Learn social media for sales & marketing

Operabot AdWhile I agree that social is the important focus of new media, I often am asked if it is only for personal use. I use social media for many of business interactions, and with
great success!

Social media is for the most part opt-in. If I don’t want to have you following me on Twitter, I block you. If I don’t want to connect with you on LinkedIn, I don’t accept you request. But, if I want to build a community of like-minded people who want to learn about a product or service, research its origins, discuss its use or any other number of topics, social media is a great way to to build my own network. Make them fans—but don’t shove your product or service down their throat. That’s why I blog. I want to share insights, build community and generate some conversations.

A great example is a new blog written by my client Scott MacDonald. Scott owns the Rocky Mountain Soap Company store in Victoria, BC. His blog—Natural Matters—explores all kinds of things, from the science of natural products to like-minded organizations. He is interesting, well researched and a great writer.

If you are on Vancouver Island and want to learn some basic tools and see how they are applied, come to a great luncheon and education session called “Social Media Marketing in Action: Using Social Media to Build Brand and Generate Leads.” Darren Barefoot and Julie Szabo of Capulet Communications will show how social media can fit into an organization’s marketing mix. Ling Chan of the Vancouver Opera will show us how she’s used blogs, online outreach and Twitter to reach new audiences and generate over 1,000 followers.

Social media is  like any other social interaction. Mind your manners, learn the language and rules of the community, then have a good time.