Catch a Tiger by the Tale

Okay, okay, I’m as sick of the news coverage about Tiger Woods and his transgressions as the next person. But really, isn’t it just the best case study of how to not conduct your PR? Really?

Of course, if I had just acted like a complete idiot following a fight with my spouse over how I’ve been a complete idiot, I’d be a little embarrassed to speak in public too. But here’s how the public statement could have read on the day following his incident:

As you know, I had a car accident last night. My wife and I had a disagreement and, like most families, we have some things to work out in private. My behaviour was irresponsible and I truly apologize to my fans, whom I may have disappointed.

End of story. But that didn’t happen, and yes I’m sure he was busy working things out in private with his wife. But unlike many others, the dad in this family lives a very public life, makes multiple millions from sponsorships and a popular sport with huge purses. If you live out loud, you have to expect your fans to be listening at all times.

It must be difficult to be a “golden boy” as it were. A notable child prodigy, professional in his teens, and living the life of highly competitive athletics. Heck, this guy made golf cool! Has Tiger Woods had a chance to conduct a private life? Unfortunately, as with other child stars, the public thinks they own him. And in a way, his sponsors do own him. Luckily, they’ve stood behind him. But they also know he will bring them millions of dollars in sales, and that’s a PR story for another day.

If there is a next time, Tiger, tell your own tale so the gossip columns don’t start inventing it for you.


2 Responses to “Catch a Tiger by the Tale”

  1. 1 Bob West December 6, 2009 at 11:12 am

    We put our hero’s on humongous pedestals and they are in the end just human after all. Your right that he should have come out with a better statement. Now its what happens going forward, how does he and “his people” handle this. But in the end all the “small g gods” are just human beings after all with all the associated baggage.

  2. 2 maggieks December 22, 2009 at 1:31 pm

    Thanks for your comment, Bob. It’s so true. We don’t let people live normal lives, then attempt to crush them when they mess up. As the sad story grows, it makes we wonder if the public helped make it all happen. I still think his PR people are messing up badly, although sometimes it’s the client who denies them room to be honest and transparent. Then you’re stuck.

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